Color Light therapy

The human body would not have originated and evolved without sunlight. It stimulates the body’s natural biopotential, thus preserving the life and health of organisms. Light is a necessary condition for life. It provides us with vitality, tone, good mood, strength and motivation. It has an analgesic and antidepressant effect, reducing the sensations of pain, stress and anxiety. The light penetrates the skin, is absorbed by the receptors, reaches different depths in the tissues and has a biostimulating effect. The depth at which it penetrates is determined by the wavelength of the colors in the visible spectrum. Different light waves have different effects. Each color has its own energy and affects the body in a different way. Natural light is a mixture of different wavelengths in the visible spectrum that carry different amounts of energy. In addition to energy, light frequency carries different types of information. It has oscillations millions of times finer than sound. Colors are power, strength, vitality and vibration. This makes them indispensable in the treatment and restoration of the body’s balance, and the therapy with them is called light color therapy / chromotherapy.


Chromotherapy is a science based on energy waves emitted by light and colors. Color therapy has been known and practiced since ancient times. The most common were in Egypt, India and China. Colorful treatment centers were built. Now you can get a color light session easily and conveniently with the help of devices emitting polychrome, low-energy, incoherent light and color filters. Modern light color therapy considers living organisms as a kind of prism that decomposes light into various components in order to extract the energy needed for the normal balance of the body. According to the principles of this science, each color has a certain wavelength of light and vibrational energy, which determine its subtle impact on our energy centers. In general, colors are divided into:

  • warm – red, orange and yellow. They act activating, stimulating and warming. They are considered masculine colors;
  • cold – green, blue, purple. They have a sedative, cooling and balancing effect. They are perceived as female colors.

Significance and impact of colors in color therapy

  • red – used as a powerful stimulant and tonic. The color radiates life, activity, cheerfulness and enthusiasm and is associated with health and strength. It brings courage and determination. It has a warming effect and stabilizes the bone system;
  • orange – this color should be considered as a combination of red and yellow. Acts regulating metabolism, increases appetite. Improves skin hydration and blood supply to the striated muscles;
  • yellow – like red, yellow has a strong tonic effect, especially on the psyche by increasing mental concentration. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and drainage of the lymphatic system;
  • green – brings neutral energy, calms and balances life processes. It gives us inner peace and tranquility. Has antiseptic properties;
  • blue – belongs to the cold end of the light spectrum and is therefore associated with balance, concentration and peace of mind. Soothes insomnia, burns and nervous overstrain;
  • indigo and purple – mystics see purple as a mixture of red (love) and blue (truth), no matter in what proportions. It has a calming effect on the nervous system. Helps with headaches, nervous and mental stress. Activates the creative potential of the person.

As already mentioned, natural light is a mixture of different wavelengths in the visible spectrum (from red to purple). Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of daily outdoor walks. In case of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, you can take advantage of light color therapy with Bioptron device.

* This article is informative and cannot replace consultation with a doctor. Before starting treatment, be sure to consult a specialist.

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