Holistic therapies

We improve your condition while you rest. Give yourself a healing massage or Bowen therapy!

третиране на гръб с боуен техника


Bowen is a fine and deep form of natural healing by affecting the nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems. By its nature, it differs significantly as a therapy from therapeutic massage. Bowen therapy consists of very light movements applied to specific points on the patient’s body with pauses between each series of movements. These movements have an extremely strong relaxing effect and stimulate the body’s regenerative abilities, promoting its natural health potential. The therapy is suitable for people of all ages and covers a wide range of effects on acute and chronic problems of the musculoskeletal system and not only because of its holistic nature.


A method that in an original way combines the possibilities of cranio-sacral therapy and traditional Chinese medicine and massage. The method is primarily a diagnostic tool that can quickly and easily detect dysfunctions in the body. Their treatment can be done both manually and by painless insertion of several needles.

бяло лале
терапия на ходила

Applied kinesiology

 At the heart of applied kinesiology is the understanding of the triad of health or the relationship between structural, biochemical and mental factors, the balance of which determines health. Applied kinesiology uses muscle testing for diagnosis and manual treatment, in combination with nutritional supplements.


свещ и дървени приспособления за масаж

Healing massage with essential oils

Modern aromatherapy is a natural way to maintain good psychological, emotional and physical shape.

The healing massage is combined with the use of doTerra essential vegetable oils. They affect:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • calming the nervous system
  • improves metabolism
  • tones, hydrates and relaxes the skin
  • bactericidal

Applied by massage on the soft tissues of the body, they reduce tension and stress, help heal muscle and other soft tissue injuries.

терапевт докосва ръката на пациент

Perceptual Osteopathy

 A holistic method that uses perception for diagnosis and treatment. Such an approach allows the osteopath to treat safely and painlessly. Osteopathy considers the human body as a complete system, uniting a wide network of interdependent connections – structural, physiological, biochemical, energetic and considers the disorders in the body not at the local level, but in interaction with all body structures. Clinical symptoms do not develop on their own, but are provoked by various dysfunctions. Moreover, the localization of these symptoms does not coincide with the place of formation of the reasons for their existence. The holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment allows us to find these dysfunctions and eliminate them. Affects pain syndromes in the musculoskeletal system and torso, headache, sinusitis.


Light color therapy

The human body would not have originated and evolved without the sun’s rays. The human eye recognizes only 20% of them, and the rest are captured by receptors on the skin and absorbed by cells. Different light waves have different effects. Each color has its own energy and affects the body in a strictly defined way:

  • warm colors: red, orange, yellow act activating, stimulating, invigorating;
  • cold colors: green, blue, purple have an adaptive, soothing, balanced effect.

The light frequency carries not only energy, but also different types of information. It has oscillations millions of times finer than sound. Colors are power, strength, vitality and vibration. They have a biostimulating effect on our tissues, causing recovery processes.