Bowen therapy for chronic fatigue and stress

You feel tense and exhausted. You do not have enough strength. You get sick often and sleep restlessly. Say stop to stress and refresh your body with Bowen therapy.

With its delicate effect, this therapy will activate the autonomic nervous system and your body will enter a recovery mode, and thoughts will calm down.

This is a holistic therapy in which key areas in the body are activated with a gentle touch. It responds with a fine readjustment of the nervous and hormonal systems and corrects the accumulated tension in the musculoskeletal system. So if you suffer from chronic back pain, feel tension in the body, have frequent headaches, this therapy is right for you.


It is noteworthy that during the procedure the therapist pauses. These are necessary breaks in which your body subconsciously automatically adjusts to work more balanced in response to the nervous system to the treated key areas. Deep relaxation in Bowen therapy is the result of a gentle touch, which is a type of communication with the autonomic nervous system. These external stimuli put it in a parasympathetic mode of operation. The procedure lasts up to 45 minutes, but passes somehow imperceptibly and pleasantly while you rest in a half-asleep state. It is desirable immediately after the procedure to retire, if possible to rest and drink more water.

Frequency of visits:

Bowen therapy is done once a week, as the body continues to make subtle changes long after the procedure. For optimal results, it is necessary to make two to three visits, which are prepared as a treatment plan, after the initial consultation with a Bowen therapist.

In conclusion:

Bowen therapy has a delicate nature and the application of other therapies can affect the effectiveness of the technique. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid other alternative solutions. Due to the nature of the therapy, Bowen may be suitable for people of all ages.

Give yourself care, give yourself health!


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