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рехабилитация след гръдни импланти

Recovery after aesthetic adjustments

 An individual program is prepared after adjustments in the face or body, which combines physiotherapy procedures and exercises aimed at reducing postoperative pain and bruising, reducing swelling, postoperative restrictions and limited range of motion.

Recovery after mastectomy

Rehabilitation after breast mastectomy aims to prevent postmastectomy syndrome, which is accompanied by complications such as:

– lymphedema
– deformity of the spine and impaired posture
– scars
– impaired functioning of the shoulder joint
– severe pain in the neck and back

Physiotherapy for hypertension

  • dysmenorrhea
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • inflammatory diseases
  • preoperative and postoperative
  • physioprophylaxis of adhesions
  • secondary tubal sterility
  • postpartum recovery rehabilitation
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Patella fracture

Patella fracture

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Physiotherapy for sprained ankle

Physiotherapy for sprained ankle

Ankle sprains are common. It is due to improper stepping in combination with loading the legs with body weight. Such movement can occur when walking on uneven surfaces, on high shoes or when missing a step when descending stairs. A prerequisite for a sprained ankle...

Joint contracture

Joint contracture

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