Physical Therapy 

New generation physical therapy!



Therapy that can act as an anti-edematous, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, trophic and stimulating effect on the affected / traumatized structures. Electrodes are placed on the patient’s body for the purpose of treatment. This is a pleasant procedure lasting 10-15 minutes.

Ultrasound therapy

It is a sounding of soft tissues with a frequency of over 20 thousand hertz, changing the permeability of the cell membrane. Activates cellular transport (active / passive) and thus improves the condition of tissues. Through this therapy, various products such as anti-inflammatory corticosteroids can penetrate deeply: fastum gel, voltaren, reparil, magnesium gel and others.


ултразвук терапия
bioptron лампа

BIOPTRON light therapy

Bioptron light therapy system is an effective method for treatment and prevention of many diseases. The light emitted by the device is similar to some of the electromagnetic natural rays of the sun, but without UV radiation. Light stimulates regenerative, restorative processes and is a clinically proven and effective method and therapy for relieving:

– inflammation and pain
– arthrosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
– muscle spasms, sprains, sprains
– dermatological problems
– upper respiratory tract infections
– healing of wounds from injuries, burns, pressure sores, ulcers, postoperative wounds

лазер терапия

Laser therapy


Penetrating into the tissue, it causes photochemical reactions that contribute to a healing biological effect.
Appropriate therapy for: rheumatic, degenerative arthropathies
traumatic diseases, joint sprains, muscle injuries, post-surgical recovery, edema
osteoarthritis, disc herniation.



When vacuum therapy is applied to the body surface, soft tissues are drawn into the suction cup, thus creating vertical pressure. By moving the suction cup over the skin, a horizontal pressure is created. In this way, two components act on the body – vertical and horizontal forces. They allow to act on the tissues in depth (deeper layers of muscles, tendons and other tissues), which are not available in other types of massage. This significantly enhances the microcirculation of fluids – blood, lymph (interstitial fluid). Nerve endings, capillaries and main blood vessels are stimulated.

Arthromot – a device for passive movement of the lower limb

The device is useful:

– in postoperative conditions of the lower limb;
– to counteract contractile conditions;
– in waste neurological conditions.

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