Diseases of the peripheral nervous system

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The incidence of nervous system disease is increasing daily and is being retained by more and more young people as an external conduction of peripheral nerves.

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Disc herniation

The spine has an S-shape, which provides stability and mobility along it. It is made of vertebrae that act as natural shock absorbers, thanks to the intervertebral discs located between their bodies. They are made up of a fibrous ring that holds a pulpal nucleus in its center. With age, degenerative changes in the discs occur, associated with loss of elasticity, dehydration, decreased intervertebral space and others. This leads to disruption of the integrity of the fibrous ring:

  • slight rupture leads to disc protrusion;
  • complete rupture with exit of the nucleus: disc herniation.

The process may affect one or more adjacent vertebrae. There is pain, muscle spasm, tingling and weakness in the limbs. Cervical hernias can cause dizziness, occipital headache, and lumbar – problems with internal organs located in the small pelvis.

Depending on the state of manifestation of the problem, different treatment measures are taken. Physiotherapy and kinesitherapy have an important place among them.


The term neuritis refers to inflammatory diseases of the nervous system and more specifically individual nerves or a whole group of nerve plexuses. Nervous conditions can be different, but the most common are brachial neuritis and lumbosacral neuritis. The leading cause of local inflammation in certain nerves or nerve plexuses is trauma, in which local tissue injury develops, with subsequent inflammation of the nerve structures. Such injuries can be joint dislocation (shoulder), bone fracture, and microtrauma associated with nerve compression (carpal tunnel syndrome). The symptoms are a mixture of sensory nature and motor deficit: pain, burning, tingling, muscle weakness, loss of muscle mass.

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Radiculopathy / radiculitis

 Radiculopathy is an inflammation of the nerve structure at the level of the spinal nerves. Inflammation is caused mechanically and is a common disease of the nervous system. It occurs as a result of disc herniation, osteophytosis and degenerative changes leading to a change in the natural position of the vertebrae and others. The process is characterized by irritation along the nerve from the affected spinal cord distally. At impact level:

  • cervical vertebrae – we observe pain in the neck, head, shoulder. Numbness and weakness of the muscles in the arm.
  • pelvic vertebrae – we observe pain in the pelvis, hip joint. Numbness and weakness in the muscles of the legs.
  • dorsal vertebrae – we observe unilateral involvement. It is clinically manifested by pain in the area of ​​the costal arch, intensified by breathing.

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Physical and mental fatigue

Many people’s daily lives are full of stress. It has a proven destructive nature on our health and can cause diseases of the nervous system. The symptoms of stress are well known: fatigue, insomnia, apathy, irritability, frequent mood swings, pain, stiffness and others. If the condition lasts a long time, the body falls into the so-called “burnout” condition associated with increased sympathetic function of the autonomic nervous system. This can cause deterioration of our health and is a prerequisite for disease. The balancing of the nervous system and the removal of the organism from this state lies in the activation of the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. Thus the body enters a natural mode of self-preservation and recovery. Aromatherapy, sleep nutrition, holistic therapies and others can have a positive effect in this regard.

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