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Anterior cruciate ligament

We show you an enviable joint volume of movement and muscle strength of the quadriceps after PCV surgery. Two days before thread removal. Determinant in this case is the preoperative and early postoperative rehabilitation, the benefits of which we have informed you many times. Here are some of them:
1. Reduces pain
2. Reduces swelling
3. Normalizes muscle spasm
4. Restores the mobility of soft tissues and joints
5. Improves the support function of the affected unit and the natural locomotion
6. You get acquainted in detail with the postoperative protocols and terms for recovery according to the course of the operative intervention


Examination and analysis of the posture is a mandatory part of the health-preventive and curative care we provide for our patients. This not only sets us apart from the rest, but helps us to find the root of the problem and is the foundation in building individual therapeutic gymnastics.
This is a laborious process and here are the reasons why:
1. The set of exercises should be short and specific. To properly target the area of ​​dysfunction and pain. Make it easy to implement and not take much time.
2. It should be consistent with the dysfunction you have, as well as any comorbidities.
3. The exercises must have an applied and strength character and involve the body in functional motor models.
4. To have a corrective character, correct dosage and rhythm of performance.
5. They should be tailored to your body type, age, training, etc.

Anterior cruciate ligament

Early postoperative rehabilitation is characterized by hematoma absorption, fibroblastic activity, collagen formation and granulation tissue. The formed connective tissue is disorganized. It is fragile and easily injured, and proper healing is stimulated by adequate muscle tension. The benefits of early postoperative rehabilitation are:
* reduced swelling and pain
* increased joint mobility and muscle strength
* improved joint function.
Pictured: reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament before suturing.

Intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia in a patient with extremely well-developed back muscles, with a normal curvature of the spine. The reason: overtraining! It can occur when the body loses its capacity to recover after an intense training regimen. Improper nutrition, regeneration and emotional stress can trigger the process.

Фрактура на лакът


Treatment of sinusitis:
– light therapy Bioptron;
– laser acupuncture;
– perceptual osteopathy.
Our patient made 5 visits to us, and after the third she reported that the heaviness, headache and secretions had stopped.
Here is what the patient shares about us:
“I am very grateful to Gerry for being so careful, so concerned and adequate in the treatment of the rather severe sinusitis I was suffering from. The day I started, I was told that I would go to the hospital if there was no improvement. On the third day. after the therapy at Physio Be Active I felt extremely well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! “

Dislocated shoulder

Typically, summer activities such as swimming and beach volleyball can end with a dislocated shoulder. This is the most common luxated joint among young people and often leads to shoulder instability. Prerequisites for trauma can be:
– lack of good physical preparation, with subsequent distribution of the terrain;
– weak muscles of the shoulder girdle and upper back;
– anatomical prerequisites

Hip endoprosthesis

Endoprosthesis is a severe surgical intervention that is required after wear and tear of the hip joint, necrosis of the femoral neck or fractures in the area. These surgeries are performed in elderly patients and aim to improve the quality of life.
Kinesitherapy plays an important role in terms of functional recovery of the limb and easier overcoming of postoperative pain, swelling, muscle imbalance and weakness.

диастаза на корема

Diastasis of the abdominal muscles

Kinesiotape application in diastasis of the abdominal muscles. It is an unnaturally distant abdominal muscle as a result of relaxation and loosening of the connective tissue in the area of ​​the linea alba. Treatment of rectal diastasis consists of a set of physical exercises to strengthen the abdominal wall, pelvic floor, posture correction and diet.
More on the topic here.

фрактура на лакът

Armpit bone fracture with metal osteosynthesis

Three-stage fracture of the diaphysis of the humerus distally. Posttraumatic peripheral trunk damage of the radial nerve is present. The treatment was solved surgically with metal osteosynthesis. Functional recovery depends on early postoperative rehabilitation and collaboration between specialists (neurologist, orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist).
You can read more about fractures, osteoporosis and treatment here.

Torn meniscus

Kinesiotape application for arthroscopy after meniscal injury. The knee joint is often affected by sports injuries. It can take several weeks to a month to return to activities. In the photo: our patient, a football referee from “A” group. You can read more about meniscal injuries here.


Фрактура на лакът

Ankle fracture with metal osteosynthesis

Rehabilitation after surgery of the lower extremities requires less vertical load, at the expense of analytical gymnastics. Early loading with its own weight on the supporting joints can lead to: slowing of the recovery processes in the soft tissues, chronic edema, joint dysfunctions and impaired locomotion.
How much and how to load is extremely decisive.
диастаза на корема

Wrist fracture with metal osteosynthesis

We share the opinion of our patients about our work:
“With the professional support I received from the Physio Be Active Center, my almost immobile broken wrist was completely restored. Very friendly and friendly relationship presented by an expert in the field. I highly recommend it!”

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