Kinesitherapy or movement – that magical ingredient you cannot live without!

масаж с инструменти

IASTM technique

It is used to treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions. The technique is a method of manual therapy and kinesitherapy. Combines static and dynamic soft tissue manipulation with specially designed stainless steel tools. The technique is based on the detection and treatment of fascial restrictions, which often proves to be key in soft tissue-limited pain, as well as adhesions due to postoperative interventions and injuries.


Kinesiotape is a stretchy sports patch that aims to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing external support and stability to muscles and joints without limiting range of motion. They come in different colors, and the shape and manner of application on the body by the therapist is key to the way they affect the body. By their nature, they are light, comfortable and practical.

ставна мобилизация на колянна става с колан

Joint mobilizations

The Mulligan concept is a method of manual therapy and kinesitherapy aimed at painless treatment of the musculoskeletal system. It consists of specialized techniques applied by a therapist, combined with normal, physiological movements on the part of the patient. This has a beneficial effect on a segment of the spine or other joints in the human body.

упражняване на пациент във фитнес  с помощта на терапевт

Corrective gymnastics

Method for correcting and strengthening the incorrect posture, eliminating pain in the shoulder girdle, back and neck. Includes exercise and kinesitherapy with an applied nature to correct and adjust the spine, strengthen paravertebral muscles, elasticity and endurance.

мъж и жена тренират  върху нестабилен тренировъчен уред

BOSU Therapy

Unstable training device for kinesitherapy and exercises, which brings more control over the movements by training the balance of the body. Improves proprioceptive response, muscle contraction rate and balance. Proprioceptive training compensates for peripheral sensorimotor deficits, improves strength, stability and orthostatic response. Extremely suitable for kinesitherapy in the prevention and treatment of injuries in athletes.

Training programs

Building training programs after traumatic injuries is a complex process. It requires in-depth anatomical and physiological knowledge, on the one hand, and detailed knowledge of the specific operative technique on the other. There are many postoperative rehabilitation protocols that link the achievement of some functionality to deadlines. The experienced therapist knows that this is an individual process in which the patient’s psyche, physique and will are involved. In this regard, the deadlines can be considered as a variable on the way to the ultimate goal – maximum functional recovery. With us you can get competent guidelines for recovery and training program tailored to your condition and goals.