We treat diseases of the peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system. We approach each case individually and aim for high efficiency.

Diseases of the peripheral nervous system

 The incidence of inflammatory diseases of the peripheral nervous system is increasing daily. They affect the conduction of peripheral nerves. This causes pain and inflammation in the neck, back or limbs. They are often accompanied by tingling or discomfort along the peripheral nerves and even paresis. Forced posture and microtrauma often lead to chronicity of the problem. Depending on the level of involvement of the nervous structures, the diseases are divided into:

We offer reliable and effective methods to stop the problem – therapies.

Sports rehabilitation

Practicing sports as an amateur or professional is accompanied by microtrauma and carries a risk of injury. With us you can get optimal recovery after a domestic or sports injury. We are involved adequately and effectively in conservative and operative treatment. We approach the period individually: preoperative – preparatory, postoperative – restorative. Every day we help active sports people in areas such as:

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

The musculoskeletal system is exposed to the risk of depreciation and traumatic injuries of a sports or domestic nature. Wear and tear is a process that happens irreversibly with age. It is characterized by loss of motor functionality, deformities of joints and bones, wear and tear of cartilage and leads to pain, stiffness and motor limitations.

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"Unlike most places here, I received an Attitude, a personally prepared plan, and after only a few visits, I felt relief from my back pain! Thank you very much!"

Petar, 34

"Extremely professional, very successful treatment. A clear explanation of the problem, a very friendly and at the same time serious attitude. I highly recommend it."

Rumyana, 48

"As long as you follow the routines and exercises set for you, you will recover in almost no time. I was extremely pleased!"

Milena, 37